Anxiety… a poem

Its frazzled me


Why can’t I breathe

Air should relieve

The tightness in my chest

When will I rest

Its dizzying

My heart pounding

Chaos within my brain

Intrusive thoughts driving me insane

Can I not be left alone

My worry has grown

It’s taken over my anatomy

When will I be free

Nothing is working

Trapped between being frozen or deserting

The place in which I stand

Get me out of this dangerous land

I’m covered in aches and pains

Trying to escape the panic chains

I think I am going to die

Might as well try

Relaxation techniques loosley

Why am I sweating profusely

Nothing fixes this but to get away

But I have so much to do today

This reaction is often unnecessary

Does not match the circumstances and is very

Extreme and intense

Nothing I think of makes any sense

Phobias come big and small

I might scream near spiders, crowds, people or nothing at all

The thing they have all in common is dread

If you need me I am hiding in the shed


9 thoughts on “Anxiety… a poem

  1. Thanks for sharing this poem, it rings a lot of bells for me! Chronic stress and anxiety attacks used to play a huge role in my daily life. However, after trying many different healing strategies I was able to find a life changing and long term solution. I was able to build new neurological pathways in the higher brain. These pathways were conditioned to sustain a mindset of calm and resilience thereby displacing earlier habits of chronic stress.

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  2. If you have never experienced how much anxiety can take over your life then it can be hard to appreciate what it’s like. I think this poem really expresses how it makes you feel. It is well written and has a lot of impact, I like it.

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